Notion Invoice New Features

3 August, 2022

Two new features have been added to Notion Invoice:

  1. Invoice number prefix
  2. Customer tag for the email template

Invoice number prefix

You can now set an invoice number prefix that will be applied to all invoices. Use this feature if all your invoices start with the same characters.

Set the prefix in the setting page of Notion Invoice, but leave blank if it's not required:

Customer tag

You can use tags to personalise the content of the default email that is sent with invoices.

  1. Go to the settings section of Notion Invoice
  2. Edit the text in the email template and add the [[CUSTOMER_NAME]] tag to personalise the message.
  3. Click ‘Update email template to save’

The Customer Tag gets the customer name from a database property you define during setup. If you did not select one earlier, you can re-run the setup to select it. The option to rerun the setup is at the bottom of the settings page.

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