New in Notion Invoice: Automatic Invoice Reminders!

9 July, 2023

Chasing overdue invoices must rank as one of life's least favourite chores. Up there along with doing the dishes and taking out the rubbish.

And for various reasons. It costs you time and stress. It can affect your relationship with your customer or client. You forget, and then they forget, and then you have to resend the invoice, and then "Oh, sorry Farez, our accounts person is on annual leave...".

Automate it

A reminder template in Notion Invoice

A reminder template in Notion Invoice

This is where automation comes in handy. You just tell Notion Invoice when you want reminders to go out, and it does it for you automatically.

You can even set it to remind your customer before the invoice is due. I find this so useful because people are busy and sometimes they forget. A gentle reminder is not a bad thing.

Creating a reminder

Reminders is a PRO feature, so you will need to be a Notion Invoice PRO user.

When logged in, click on the "Reminders" menu item on the left to get to the reminders page then click on "+ New reminder". The form should be self-explanatory, but there's help to guide you.

Part of the reminder template form

Part of the reminder template form

Once even have the option to update your Notion database with the date a reminder was last sent. Automatic updates!

Once you've created the reminder, it will be in a Paused state until you run it. This gives you time to breathe and double check before those reminder emails start going out!

Once you're happy with the reminder template, all that's left to do is click the Paused toggle to set it to Running.

Now you can focus on doing your work and let Notion Invoice do the chasing for you!

Notion Invoice PRO is still only $10/month. Subscribe now and start creating automatic reminders.

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