How to show a filtered view of a "child" database.

1 August, 2022

This blog walks you through how to add a filtered view of a "child" database in the detail page of a parent database record.


In this example an Authors database is related to a Books database.

In the body of the Authors database there is a view of the Books database, filtered to only show the the books written by the author. You can directly add to and amend the Books database from this view.

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Step-by-Step Setup Guide:

Relating the Databases

1: Start by setting up a relation between 2 databases. In this example the Authors database has a relation to the Books database. Add a relation property as shown in the image below, making sure the Show on Books option is switched on:

2: For each record in the Books database, select the book's author in the Authors relation property :

Setting up the Child Database View

1: Open a record page in the Authors database (parent database) and click on create a template

2: Name the template Book Template

Add a database view in the body of the record by typing /table view and select the Books database as the data source.

Here you are selecting the child database as the data source for the table view

3: Add a filter to the Books database and select the Authors relation property.

For this filter you are selecting the relation to the "parent" database.

4: In the filter drop down menu select Book Template.

This will filter the table by the title of the record the template is in, in this example it will be the author's name. At this point the filtered table will be empty as it's trying to search for a Author called Book Template.

5: Tidy up the table by clicking on the filter to hide the filter dropdown. You can also give the template an icon, this will appear next to the author name when the template is applied.

6: Close the template window.

7: Open a record page in the Author database, in the record body select Book Template.

8: A view of the book database filtered by the author's will be added to the record:

8: When you create a new record in the Authors database the option to use the Books Template will appear in the dropdown list. This will automatically add the Books database to the body of the record.

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