Anchor links in a Notion page

26 May, 2022

Use anchor links if you have a Notion page with a lot of content and want to be able to jump to a specific section.

We've used this for our help documents for Notion Invoice. We've added an anchor that jumps to the error section of the help page (see below):

How to create an anchor

1: Highlight the block you want the anchor to jump to, click on the 6 dots that appear and select "Copy link to block"

2: Go to where you want the anchor to appear and type the text you want to use as the anchor i.e "Go to error message section".

3: Select the text and click on link in the menu that appears.

4: Paste the block link into the box that appears:

5: Optional: Change the background colour of the text so it stands out from the other text in the page.

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